2013 exhibitions

Woods Street Gallery
DEAF Space

6 – 20 December


TaNTrum: Separate Ways, Worlds Apart

Jonathon Saunders and Koulla Roussos

Throwing Stones for fun and profit, Kris Larsen and Nat Uhing

Throwing Stones for fun and profit

Kris Larsen and Nat Uhing

16 -30 November

Linda Joy - 'She's a Pearler' exhibition

She’s A Pearler: DVAA Retrospective Exhibition

Celebrating 30 years of DVAA as an Arts Association located at Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts.

The premier event in the 30 years of DVAA celebration calendar, and in keeping with the tradition of the pearl being the 30th Anniversary symbol, ‘She’s a Pearler’ celebrates works created by Board, Committee members, administrators and volunteers from the last 30 years. We have been able to locate artists living as far as Ireland and Indonesia, and other parts of Australia.

The artists included in the exhibition are

Al Oldield |  www.greenfieldproductions.com
Alison Dowell |  www.alisondowell.com
Aly de Groot |  www.alydegroot.com.au
Anna Reynolds |  www.artistannareynolds.com
Anthony Spry
Bilha Smith
Bill Davies
Bryan Bulley
Camilla Lawson |  www.camillalawson.com.au
Carol Phayer
Catherine McAvoy
Chayni Henry |  www.redhandprints.com
Coco Meacham
Eliza Tobin
Fiona Morrison
Frances Quinn-Escott
Franck Gohier |  www.redhandprints.com
Geoff Sharples
Gloria Richards
Hayley West |  http://thecarrotjoke.blogspot.com.au/
Ingrid Gersmanis
Ivor Cole
Jacki Fleet
Jackie Haines
Janice McEwan
Jonathon Saunders
Julie Milton
Kate Fernyhough |  www.katefern.blogspot.com.au/
Leanne Waterhouse |  www.leannewaterhouse.com
Linda Joy
Lisa Wolfgramm
Lucy Keeler
Malcolm Smith |  www.invisibleman.net.au
Marina Baker
Merran Sierakowski
Patrick Fee
Peter Eve
Robert Curgenven
Sarah Pirrie
Siying Zhou |  www.siyingzhou.info
Skye Raabe
Talitha Kennedy |  www.talithakennedy.blogspot.com.au
Tobias Richardson
Yvette Martin

18 October – 9 November

... and other conversations
... and other conversations

Cunts…. and other conversations

Greg Taylor and Casey Jenkins

Metamorphosis, Bev Garside


Bev Garside

 20 September – 12 October

Periphery, Ian Hance


Ian Hance

Drawn from life

Drawn from life

Darwin Life Drawing Group

23 August – 14 September



Dawn Beasley, Daniela Eugster, Joanne Green, Yvette martin, Sarah Moller, Tracy Polglaze, Glenda Sutardy, Kerrie Taylor, Pilawuk White, Nena Zanos

9 -12 August

Red Rock Art Gallery - New Work in Kimberly Ochre

New Work in Kimberly Ochre

Presented by Red Rock Art Gallery

12 July – 3 August

Sophisticated Resort Style Living Bill Davies

Urban Oasis

Bill Davies

Sophisticated Resort Style Living, Bill Davies

'that comment is illegal in this country', James Barlow

‘that comment is illegal in this country’

James Barlow

21 June – 6 July


Youth photographic exhibition with Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

High-LIne Milk Man

David Heath

31 May – 15 June

Over and Done: Work and Rework, Tom Halliday

Over and Done: Work and Rework

Tom Halliday

World in a Matchbox

World in a Matchbox

DVAA members exhibition

3 – 25 May

Modern Archaic, Dean Carroll

Modern Archaic

Dean Carroll

Dean has found his flow since calling Darwin home. Originally from Sydney, in 2008 Dean found sanctuary as a qualified professional tattoo artist at Darwin City tattoos.

Whilst perfecting his tattoo art, Dean has slowly practiced his expressionistic acrylic painting from home. Dean has now readied a series of paintings for his first exhibition. You can see primitive and slightly dark themes addressed with a glimpse of light that one can desperately be clinging onto.

Landshapes, Frances Ricketts


Frances Ricketts

Frances studied an Associate Diploma in Fine Art in Sydney in 1990, she has lived and worked in darwin for the past 5 years. The works in this exhibition were developed whilst landscaping in various locations around the Top End.

In experiencing the heat, toil and often harsh conditions, the landscape assumes a soulful quality, quiet and still, with an ancient mysticism.

5 – 27 April

Sentenced Zine

Sentenced Zine

Group Exhibition 

Returning for the second edition at DVAA, Sentenced Zine will feature 22 artists from Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne.

The Zine takes inspiration from Exquisite Corpse a turn of the century game made famous by the surrealists in which participants are asked to in turn, write a sentence then obscure it, leaving a lead-in for the next player. Created by david Wickens and Coco Meacham, the artists selected for the edition have been asked to create a visual realm based on the sentences provided, resulting in an aesthetically rich and uncanny alternative universe.

Detour Ahead David Wickens

Detour Ahead

David Wickens and Coco Meacham  Heat, hunger, red dust and the confined space of a vintage vehicle can drive the mind to distraction. David and Coco have unpacked their suitcases, set up studio and translated their travels into an assortment of works that create a unique story of their time on the road.

4 -30 March

Everyday Heroes

Larrakia Arts During this period both DVAA galleries will become studios where artists from Larrakia Arts and DVAA studio artists will join forces to develop new work and share skills.

Jono No Compromise Redux 2012

8 February – 2 March

Ray Hayes

She’s a friend of mine

Ray Hayes

Coryn Tambling

It’s all about me 🙂

Coryn Tambling

1 – 3 February

Time in the Woods
Darlene Devery

Publish and Be Damned

Kris Larsen and friends