<h1>2012 exhibitions</h1>

Woods Street Gallery
DEAF Space

16 November – 8 December





19 October – 10 November



Everyone Deserves Music - Sam Johns

Mojo Guru

Sam Johns

Everyone Deserves Music, Sam Johns, Oil on canvas.

21 September – 13 October

the goddesses of small things

The goddesses of small things

An exhibition by Sandra Kendell, Marita Albers, natalie Uhing, Indrid Gersmanis, Mel Macklin, Kate Fernyhough, Alison Dowell, Natasha Rowell, Emily Hearn, Karen Roberts

a vida triste e chata

a vida triste e chata

MC Oliveira

24 August – 15 September

Dancing girl, John Altomonte

Sacred Place, Sacred Space

John Altomonte A visual feast of photography and paintings spread over two galleries. This exhibit of recent works by John Altomonte invites the viewer to explore how connecting with the land around us takes us into our own, internal sacred places. Dancing girl, John Altomonte

10 August – 20 August

Red Rock Art Gallery

Red Rock Art Gallery

Queenie McKenzie, Jack Britten, Billy Thomas, Freddy Timms, Lloyd Kwilla, Claude Carter, Nellie Gordan, Jimmy McKenzie, Nancy Noonju

13 July – 5 August

Snap it up

Snap it up

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

15 June – 7 July

Music NT - Hot Shots

Hot Shots

Music NT

Hero Fiction

Hero Fiction

Jonathon Saunders

Jonathon Saunders presents a dispersed superhero narrative through gaudy stencil art.

Through a discontinuous and disjunctive narrative, the ‘story’ focuses on two Superheroes. Zero-Point, the spandex clad quantum superhero and Rand, a suit-waring vigilante.

The iconic look of comic book colouring techniques from the 80’s are recreated using stencils and bold, gaudy colours. Tight framing and close ups help to show a voyeuristic look at these Heroes and the world they inhabit.

The disparate structure and the open-endedness of the disjunctive narrative is meant to stimulate apprehension and arouse curiosity but leave the outcome and meaning of the story open to the viewer.

25 May – 13 June

Tom Halliday - Fourth Generation

Fourth Generation

Tom Halliday

The Angry Show

DVAA members exhibition

May 2012

Landscapes in Miniature

Landscapes in Miniature

A collaboration project between DVAA and the NT Writers’ Centre, this exhibition challenged a host of visual artists to respond to a winning Savepoem, ‘Landscapes in Miniature’ by Michael Giacometti.



David Wickens & Coco Meacham

April 2012

Artist @ Work

Artist @ Work

Emily Hearn

Emily Hearn

2 – 30 March

Darwin on a whim

Darwin on a whim

Art meets music with this experimental collaboration between local digital artist Leanne Waterhouse and band Green Stone Garden.

Marie-Lise Laviolette - iPHONOLOGY 101


Marie-Lise Laviolette

101 photos shot and edited exclusively with iphone, Northern Territory, Darwin South Australia and Queensland.

February 2012

Talitha Kennedy - Tricky Terrain

Tricky Terrain

Talitha Kennedy Talitha Kennedy sets up residence in DVAA using the gallery as an active research space into human relationships with nature, showing recent drawing, sculpture and works in progress. Four public events present concepts in contemporary art relevant to environmental concerns and informal discussion.

Leanne Waterhouse - Inclination


Leanne Waterhouse

Leanne Waterhouse’s latest solo exhibition Inclination is an experimental installation which explores the different habits of the mind.