2011 exhibitions

Woods Street Gallery
DEAF Space
Mel Macklin

Strange Creatures and Sweet Allsorts

Mel Macklin

Dear Friends,

I write as elected leader of our group, mischievously waiting, to share a conversation, a cup of tea and slice of cake. For us to share this with you is to be contented. Contented because this is how we spent our time with Mel sharing our stories.

Although to put it mildly some of us were quite demanding.

It all started with Minal and her Duck. Fancy only wanting to be laid out in simple grey pencil, soft and humble though it is. Soon this fad caught on with some of the others. Not me though – my life needs colour.

A compromise was reached as Mel insisted on stripped-back settings for us. She told us that when you meet new people your stories will change and your settings re-imagined. Confusing, or what? As long as I got my funky orange briefcase I didn’t care though. After all, I’ve got a date with a boy panda tonight. And, let me tell you, he is Pandalicious! Hey Mel, for real, knock it off with the pink paint on my cheeks. I’ve got a date you know.

Sorry, back to it.

Next, the birds saw some of the sweet girls and decided they wanted more human qualities. Just because they can’t compete for looks with a panda. Cue a very strange phenomena that Mel told me on the quiet was called ‘distorting the truth’ . Yeah, right.

Then some of the others decided it would be fashionable to not just have their story told in one portrait, but a series of FIVE. And in no logical or chronological order no less. I blame the rabbit, he started it.

Look this could go on forever. It became ridiculous, there was a lot of shouting and soon I was like a bear with a sore head.

Come visit us. It’ll be fun.

Strange Creatures and Sweet Allsorts

Dragonfly, Emma Long


Emma Long

This body of work is a celebration of the smaller details of life that sometimes seem overwhelming. Come along, bring your magnifying glass and get lost in the little things.




An exhibition of paintings, prints, textiles, jewellery, sculpture, ceramics, dolls, weaving, mosaics and assemblages by local artists: Marita & Ginger Albers, Janie Andrews, Louise Benton, Sarah Body, Mike Borman, Alison Dowell, Aly De Groot, Kate Fernyhough, Ingrid Germanis, Emily “Zazz” Hearn, Sandra Kendall, Yvonne Odegaard, Karen Roberts, Gina Trengrove & Alison Worsnop.

'The sulking chair', Natalie Uhing

Peanuts Fill the Glove

Natalie Uhing 

“I always knew I wanted to write something with the title…. Occasionally I would take it out and try to write something to fit it. But it was like trying to change the dimensions of my hand to fit a glove I liked. Using it now, without any obvious connection to the content of this book, is more like filling a glove with peanuts. Peanuts need to be held in something. A glove can hold peanuts. But a glove and peanuts were not made for each other…”

Jonathan Safran Foer, in his introduction to The Unabridged Pocketbook of Lightning, 2005

I was talked into having an exhibition just 10 months before the date; I knew neither what, how, nor why I wanted to make anything, and couldn’t seem to settle on any one theme, much less on any one technique. The decision to paint my way through was based on the fast drying time of acrylics, and not much else…I’m unpracticed and unschooled in this medium, and basically filled the preparation time for my show just learning how to hold a brush.

Though realisation was a challenge, the images themselves came easily… more, far more ideas bubbled up from the depths of imagination than I could physically address. My enthusiasms shift and turn endlessly, so every one of these paintings went out on a journey by itself, to grapple with whatever the fixation of the week was, and without a care for where the others had gone… peanuts, gathered to fill an ineluctable glove.

Nat Uhing is a Filipina-American textile artist, bookbinder, and blogger. She lives and works aboard a domesticated fishing trawler in Sadgroves Creek.


where I was

Digital Photo Frame Exhibition

Ready for the Floor, Anthony Spry

Ready for the Floor

Anthony Spry


Melubut One Bala - One Mob

Melubut One Bala – One Mob

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education Art and Craft students come from all over the Top End, from remote communities, rural blocks and urban spaces. The title of the show acknowledges the unity and differences of the group. This exhibition profiles paintings, prints. textiles and some ceramic works.

The Crow Women - Marita Albers

The Crow Women

Marita Albers

A series of portrait-style paintings, celebrating the mythic links between crows and the feminine.


Red Rock Art

Red Rock Art


Drawing Revisited - Bill Davies

Drawing Revisited

Bill Davies 

All acts of Visual perception depend on the existence of figure on the ground. The creation of a drawing starts with the first mark and the building of the figure-ground relationship. This is the creation of space, colour and surface, the way these aspects relate to each other. This small body of drawings do not exist to replicate the visual world but to express a new type of graphic/sculptural possibility. By extending into the three dimensional, I am attempting to debase the notion that drawing can only exist two dimensionally.

Talking the Bird for a Walk - Min Wong

Talking the Bird for a Walk

Min Wong

These works have evolved from a research into my heritage and trips to China including a residency at red Gate Gallery, Beijing last year. I am interested in the cultural traditions of my mixed heritage. In China, I saw old men taking their bird for a walk in the small green cracks between construction and freeways. They take these birds outside so they can sing and this tradition is only practiced by the older generation. My family’s ritual is to venerate our ancestors every year by offering gifts and food. Theses practices maintain culture in a world that is racially interspersed and at times culturally divided. These works are an acknowledgment of my ancestors within a modern Australian/multicultural context.


Three Metre Wet - Colin Holt with Divij Dabar

Three Metre Wet

Colin Holt with Divij Dabar

During the biggest wet season Darwin has ever seen, under a low ceiling on the edge of the city, with a mutual disrespect for bureaucracy and hypocrisy, two dwarves have battled against all odds to bring you one pure abstract exhibition.

A Week On Thursday - Alison Dowell

A Week On Thursday

Alison Dowell

A Week On Thursday documents the artist’s 2010 visit to Thursday Island with paintings, drawings, sculpture and words.


Artists @ Work

Artists @ Work

It’s inevitable that we all have to earn a wage, so DVAA has challenged local artists Stan Whiting, Sarah Pirrie, Taliath Kennedy and Bill Davies,  to get inspired in their workplace by using their surroundings to produce an artwork with the materials they have available to them.

DVAA Members Show - Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

DVAA Members Show

Thirty-two Darwin Visual Arts Association members each created over thirty original and mini artworks, brought the work together for an exhibition and went home with one artwork from each collection.


Butterscotch Clouds - Leanne Waterhouse

Butterscotch Clouds

Leanne Waterhouse

Monsters Need Love Too - Emily Hearn

Monsters Need Love Too

Emily Hearn


After Life - Yvette Martin, Nena Zanos, Sarah Moller, Daniela Eugster and Joanne Green

After Life

Yvette Martin, Nena Zanos, Sarah Moller, Daniela Eugster and Joanne Green

After Life showcases works from five unique artist. The works produced for this exhibition are diverse, some experimental. After Life’s intention is to showcase the creative works of recent CDU graduates, a peep into Life After study.


Facepaint - Lucy Keeler


Lucy Keeler

Solvent Circles - Lisa Wolfgramm

Solvent Circles

Lisa Wolfgramm