Shilo McNamee and Kristen Johnson at work at the LIVE-Darwin launch 29 August 2017

 What a month it has been, which for those of you who have been around over this month this will not be any news for you, I know.

A great exhibition of work from the Arts Educators of the NT (AENT) was held last week with about 200 visitors on the opening night.  If you were one of the visitors you will have enjoyed their art work and then outside in our exhibition space, you will have seen our new tables and chairs and new lighting, which we have purchased to make our exhibition area more inviting. In addition if you were in the kitchen you will have seen our new fridge; thanks so much to Helen, our Business Manager for the funding application and the purchases, and to the Community Benefit Fund for granting the funds to us for these things. Helen has now submitted another application for funding to further develop our administration systems. Another step in further developing our organisation as an effective not-for-profit business enabling us to keep track of all the information that pours into our office.

Thinking about successful grant applications, as I told you in the Newsletter from last month, we have been  successful in our plans to offer our members and others, a professional development program ‘The Business of Being an Artist’ funded by the Darwin City Council and we have now been granted funding from the NT government – administered by ArtsNT – to enable us to take part in the LIVE Darwin program. Many arts organisations applied to take part in this plan to make arts, in all its forms, one of the many reasons to visit our city centre, and this included us of course.

This means, as you can imagine, so much work for our staff – Shilo and Helen – for some of the members of the Management Committee and some of our wonderful volunteers. We are now working on the planning for these programs which will be up and coming in the following months.

A particular thank you needs to be given, in addition to our hard working staff, is for the work of our Committee members Lois Revie and Diana Thompson for the work they have done in getting the Exhibition Policies and Procedures re-vamped. Without the work of these people and others, such as Maureen O’Sullivan in doing work such as setting up our storeroom, DVAA would not be the successful organisation it is in supporting our artists and those interested in the arts in a myriad of ways

Carolyn Bursa.